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Recent trends and future of social dialogue

SuSodCo 1st Virtual Capacity Building Event

The SUSODCO consortium is delighted to invite you to the first virtual Capacity Building Event, part of SuSodCo project, which is aimed to equip social dialogue partners with crucial capacities to facilitate the effective and efficient industrial relations in Central and South-eastern Europe. The host of the initiative is the Trade Union of Construction Industry of Croatia (SGH). The first Capacity Building Event of the project is divided into two sessions – seminar and workshop.

The seminar, planned for 09 Dec 2020 from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm (CET), will focus on the key findings of the research phase of SuSodCo project, unveiling the social dialogue challenges faced by the construction industry in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Slovenia. Prominent panelists from renown European institutions will illustrate the international context of the social dialogue and present the recent developments in the digitalization of the construction sector, workplace productivity, and the social dialogue benefits for the construction industry. For more details about the panelists and the presentation topics, please have a look at the attached draft agenda.

The workshop, planned for 16 Dec 2020 from 9:00 am until 11:00 am (CET), will involve employers’ and employees’ representatives in an interactive session, looking at the different ways of how to integrate the European social dialogue framework in their own national multiannual social dialogue programmes. The online collaboration tool (Miro) will facilitate virtual teamwork. There will be an orientation and short online training session for using the Miro tool prior to the workshop.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the first SuSodCo Capacity Building Event to exchange insights and interesting ideas on how to work together to achieve our common social dialogue objectives on a national and European level.


EVENT 1 – DEC 2020 – CROATIA – The Future of Construction

  • The future of construction will be determined by digitalization. Digitalization and green economy go hand in hand. The construction site will become increasingly digitalized.
  • In 10 years the currently traditional construction sector will be completely changed as a concept and model as new technologies are to be introduced at a much faster pace.
  • Тhe current drivers of change, or so-called global megatrends, are digitalization, globalization, demographic change and climate change, which have a significant impact on individual economic sectors
  • The modernization of infrastructure, the renovation of buildings and the introduction of new energy efficiency requirements, will increase both the demand for labor and green buildings, as well as for workers with new skills.
  • Support between countries and a strong social dialogue at a European level are important in order to overcome the negative aspects of change.
  • Modern social dialogue must include workers, because without their input, innovation cannot be complete.
  • Paritarian funds offer effective schemes for social protection and deal with the negative social aspects transforming economies have on the labor market.

Read more about the outcomes of the first event here

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