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The skills that support the implementation of a social dialogue

SuSodCo 4th Virtual Capacity Building Event

OSEOK, Cyprus is pleased to invite you to the final SuSodCo Capacity Building Event, aimed at equipping social dialogue partners with crucial capacities to support the industrial relations in Central and South-eastern Europe. Please find attached the Invitation and the Draft agenda.

This is the last out of four Capacity Building Events, part of the SuSodCo project. The first event in December 2020 focused on the recent trends in the European construction sector – digitalization of the economy, innovation in digital economies, labor markets and management of change among others (Event 1). The second event in April 2021 was devoted to communication strategy and its importance for effective social dialogue (Event 2). The third event in June was a tailor-made training on digital and communication skills applicable to social dialogue (Event 3). The final event in November 2021 will be dedicated to a training on negotiation, bargaining and communication skills and will show participants how to successfully apply for EU funds.

All Capacity Building Events are targeted at trade unions, employers’ organizations and other social dialogue partners at national, regional and European level. The events are suitable for CEOs, HR consultants, legal officers, negotiation group members and experts involved in industrial relations in the construction sector.

Key messages from Cypriot speakers

As far as the Construction Industry is concerned, it has always been on the front line to pursue claims for both employees and employers. We must acknowledge the timeless maturity of all those involved in the negotiation of labour disputes / demands, with which they have managed to avoid unnecessary turbulences and disturbance of labour peace. The cooperation of the Ministry with the social partners is a given and we assure that it will continue to be to the same degree for the sake of both the industry (employers and employees) and the local economy in general. (Mr. Andis Apostolou, Deputy Director, Department of Labour Relations, Ministry of Labour)


It is well known that the construction industry is a condicio sine qua non for any other industry. All other sectors of the economy, in every country and in every continent are based thereon. In our country, the Construction Industry, compared to others, operated relatively smoothly under the unprecedented pandemic conditions we are experiencing to date and continues to contribute decisively to the Gross Domestic Product and the employment sector. Therefore, maintaining the smooth operation of the construction industry, minimizing accidents at work, and acquiring new and / or increased skills for the needs of the changing economy, are goals and priorities for all of us. We place much of our expectations on the Su.So.D.Co project to achieve these goals. (Mr.Yiannos Markides, Vice President,  Federation of the Building Contractors Associations of Cyprus)


Social dialogue at national level in Cyprus works well. The Labour Advisory Board, in which trade unions, employers’ organisations and the Ministry of Labour participate, deals with important labour issues. Moreover, there are tripartite committees for gender equality at work and the pension system, safety and health at work, employment of workforce, employment of people with disabilities, consumer rights, etc. In recent years, the effort of trade unions in Cyprus is focused on the need for changes in the system of labour relations, so that collective agreements gain legal effect and ensure their implementation. (Mr. Stelios Efstratiou, Secretary General of Democratic Labor Union of Builders and Carpenters of DEOK)


Social dialogue in Cyprus is neither purely rhetorical nor a dead letter. It is a very specific instrument that is used by the social partners in a very successful way, something we are all entitled to be proud of. Moreover, in the context of the social dialogue by SEK, special emphasis will be given to everything that emerges from the EU Recovery and Resilience Plan in relation to reforms which concern Local Authorities, e-governance, green development, digital reform, as well as the necessary reform of justice. The result of the latter with reinforce the welfare state and increase the possibility of attracting healthy foreign investment for our country. (Mr. Stelios Tsiapoutis, Secretary General of the Federation of Builders, Miners and Related Professions of SEK)

Other events

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National multiannual social dialogue draft plan.

The Essence of Communication – Hungary APRIL 2021

The importance of the Communication strategy for effective social dialogue.

Digital Revolution and Digital Skills – Bulgaria JUNE 2021

The digitalization of the economy within the social dialogue agenda and digital skills.

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