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Slovenian local conference

Slovenian national conference was  held on 21. April 2022 from 9AM till 1PM at MEGRA (sejem gradbeništva, energetike in komunalne obrti) in Gornja Radgona, Pomurski sejem, Hall 1.

On the first day of the Megra, 21 April 2022, the social partners of the construction sector presented their tasks and activities. We highlighted the results of the international SUSODCO initiative, which is the outcome of two years of work, and the European Union support mechanism, which has helped to strengthen social dialogue and the capacity of the social partners in the South-Eastern Balkans region through a call for proposals by DG EMPL to cooperate effectively in shaping future policy for the construction sector.

The conference was closed with a promise to continue to be active and committed to our members, to our common interests and to the future of the construction industry.

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Presentation of the SUSODCO initiative

Invitation and agenda

Croatian local conference

On 18 March 2022, in the premises of the Workers’ Home in Zagreb, the President of the Construction Trade Union, Jasenka Vukšić, and the General Secretary, Domagoj Ferdebar, held a press and national conference of the SUSODCO project, where they presented all the main activities and workshops of the project partners from the six participating member states that are relevant and important for efficient industrial relations in Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe and for capacity building of the social partners.

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Invitation and agenda

Bulgarian local conference

The Final National Conference in Bulgaria was aimed to present the results of the social dialogue initiatives in Bulgaria, raise awareness about the importance of these issues and present the results of SuSodCo project. The Bulgarian social partners have split the event in two – Media and National Conference as the selected priority themes were awarded with high publicity interest. The first Media Conference on 27 April 2022, hosted by the largest news agency – Bulgarian News Agency (BNA), was exclusively devoted to the media representatives. The event was streamed online on BNA news channel and SuSodCo results were published by 7 external media channels, two of them being some of the largest national newspapers.

The second event was SuSodCo National Conference exclusively targeted at the regional representative offices of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, the Federation of Construction, Industry and Water supply – Podkrepa and the rest of the Bulgarian social partners. The event gather together more than 120 delegates from the largest Bulgarian regions, among which were the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Federation of Independent Construction Trade Union. The topic about digitalization, national resilience plan, VET adaptation and posted workers raised heated debate.



Invitation BCC websiteStroitel, BCC

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Hungarian local conference

ÉVOSZ and ÉFÉDOSZSZ held their national conference on 18 May 2022 at ÉVOSZ headquarters. The leaders of ÉVOSZ and ÉFÉDOSZSZ gave opening speeches. The SUSODCO project and its results were then presented, including an animation video and two videos produced by ÉVOSZ and the SUSODCO initiative platform. The event ended with questions and answers and a wonderful and very good SUSODCO cake.

Agenda and invitation


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Greek local conference

On Thursday 19 May 2022, PEDEMEDE organised a final national media conference to present the SUSODCO project and its actions and results. Paraskevi Angelakopoulou from PEDMEDE presented the national campaign and actions to strengthen social dialogue, results and challenges. Finally, a round table discussion was organised, followed by a question and answer session. 


Cypriot local conference

OSEOK held its national SUSODCO conference on Thursday 26 May 2022 at Vino Cultura. They presented what the consortium has achieved during the 27-month project. Presented were all four joint research reports, our jury through 4 joint actions – Regional capacity building events, the results of our work with PR /media experts and the new thematic SUSODCO web platform filled with initiatives found by the consortium. The conference ended in good company and with delicious food.



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The Future of Construction – Croatia DECEMBER 2020

National multiannual social dialogue draft plan.

The Essence of Communication – Hungary APRIL 2021

The importance of the Communication strategy for effective social dialogue.

Digital Revolution and Digital Skills – Bulgaria JUNE 2021

The digitalization of the economy within the social dialogue agenda and digital skills.

The skills that support the implementation of a social dialogue – Cyprus NOVEMBER 2021

Skills that Support Social Dialogue Implementation.

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